Week 3

posted 9 Jun 2012, 06:07 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Following feedback from our last critical session, this week the team decided to spend most of their time and efforts into refining the launching designs. Two of the four designs, now called the “Safescape” and the “Evac3” (only at Imperial!) were taken forward, and the team focussed on the detailing of these.
AutoCAD and Google SketchUp became our new best friends, while Da progressed onto version 0.94 of the Matlab simulation model – things were looking stylish. We managed to use the outputs of the simulation model to prove that our new lifeboat systems results in a drastic improvement of the current evacuation time.

We also staged an emergency evacuation with the help of our fellow classmates, to compare the efficiency of different seating plans within the lifeboats – certain individuals proved to be real actors/ actresses (PQ, maybe civil engineering isn’t the right career choice for you?!)

Developments were also made with regard to the evacuation strategy; we now have a clear vision as to how it would be carried out in the case of collisions, fire and grounding. We refined our proposals for distributing GPS bracelets, life jackets and smoke masks, and carrying out compulsory muster drills prior to ship departure.