Week 2

posted 2 Jun 2012, 07:21 by Group Design Projects Imperial
This week the group focussed on solutions to overcome the problems involved with the different maritime accident types, that is, fire, grounding and collision. With the group split into two, Team ‘Life’ and Team ‘Hope’ (yes, we’re here to save the world...) half of the group tackled lifeboat launching designs for each of these scenarios whilst the other half developed evacuation strategies. 

To overcome the problem of fire Team ‘Life’ came up with two launching mechanisms, the Free-fall and the Rescube. In the case of grounding, we designed ‘GuideRails’, and for collisions, the ‘Citadel’. 

Team ‘Hope’ developed an evacuation strategy for the case of a collision, focussing on ship alarm systems, the potential for GPS bracelets and slides along stairs. This took into consideration human behaviour along with the awareness, evacuation, embarkation and launching times.

Luckily we have Da, the ‘famous Matlab wizard’ in our team who’s currently working on a simulation (version 0.64) of the evacuation of a ship to help us develop our designs further.

The week has been demanding yet enjoyable (especially when equipped with cookie crumble fraps); we’ve managed to work well as a team, sharing our ideas and developing them together. Over the next week we hope to refine and detail our designs further and perhaps come up with one or two general solutions that are appropriate for all accident types.

“What do you call a ship that will never ever sink? - A friendship”