Week 1

posted 30 May 2012, 08:10 by Group Design Projects Imperial
The problem: 

Over the past 100 years there have been countless maritime disasters, resulting in over 35,000 fatalities. This began with the Titanic in 1912 where over 1500 lives were lost, and continued on to more recent events such as the Costa Concordia, which resulted in 34 deaths. As the figures show, the current limitations of lifeboat design, launch and ship evacuation strategies have lead to an inordinate number of fatalities. Our challenge is to develop advanced solutions that provide effective means of ship evacuation in cases of ship grounding, listing, sinking and full capsize to provide 100% safe evacuation. The clients are looking for radical new designs in terms of lifeboat and evacuation systems.

Who we are:

Technical Innovations, a design consultancy that promote safety driven design. To tackle this particular project, we have formed a small sister company, SeaCure. We aim to guarantee unparalleled safety, no matter the cost. 

Week 1:

To fully appreciate and understand the problem, our team has researched countless case studies and assessed the main challenges that must be overcome. We analysed the existing lifeboat designs, launch mechanisms and current evacuation systems and highlighted their limitations. Considering these, we have developed potential evacuation strategies, in terms of risk assessments and Matlab modelling, and initial lifeboat launching designs ranging from the ‘Rollercoaster’ to the ‘Rescube’ (yes, we love wordplay) that overcome the current issues. We presented these concept designs to our client, who followed on to suggest the idea of ejecting passengers out of the ship... I think that may be taking the idea of ‘launching’ one step too far!